“We Stand With Israel Now and Forever”

“We Stand With Israel Now and Forever”
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
Rally at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, 24/04/02

Thank you very much, Mort. I would like to thank all of you here today for convening this important show of solidarity and support on behalf of Israel, the people of Israel, and freedom-loving people and democracies everywhere.

I would like to thank the Conference of Presidents, UJCΓÇöIsrael Now and Forever, UJA, JCRC, the 92nd Street Y and those of you who are here with us at the Y and others who are with us throughout our country and, indeed, throughout the world.

You know, just one month ago I traveled to Israel in order to convey the support and solidarity that New Yorkers and Americans feel toward IsraelΓÇönot just at this moment, but support we felt long before, and support that we will continue to feel in the future. I traveled to Israel to demonstrate that we stand with Israel now and forever.

When I met with people on the streets, outside Sbarro’s pizzeria, at Hadassah Hospital, and in a variety of settings throughout Jerusalem, I conveyed the same support and solidarity that we are demonstrating here today. Similarly, when I met with the Prime Minister, the Defense Minister, the Foreign Minister, and with other military and government officials, I made clear that we in the United States count on our government– the American governmentΓÇöto stand with Israel now and forever, just as the people of America stand with the people of Israel.

Today I am here not only as a United States Senator, not only as someone who has been to Israel seven times, who has supported the government and people of Israel for over twenty-plus years, but as an American citizen with one singular message ΓÇô the United States and Israel face a common threat. Make no mistake about it, the attack on the United States here in New York and at the Pentagon on September 11th comes from the same well of hatred and evil that stalks Israel. It is not possible for us to imagine confronting and winning the war against terrorism here and abroad, without our helping Israel win it at home.


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