The Iran Nuclear Facilities That Could Become Targets



1 Response to “The Iran Nuclear Facilities That Could Become Targets”

  1. 1 ferr
    November 27, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    There has to be responsibility of everyone in the preservation of peace. And in this issue deal with the Iranian nuclear program, not with threats, bluster instigation, and with lies, much less that will address the issue. For some fools who want to ignite the conflict issue, to establish reasons for claiming fictitious apparent reason, and disguise the real reason to take advantage of the situation – and it’s not – the thing must be done in a balanced way to reach a common consensus and always use common sense, not with brute force as some crazy arsonist thinking to solve everything at the base of the armed struggle.
    It would be very irresponsible dare frenzied attack of some kind against Iran, which could cause an international catastrophe of unforeseeable consequences.
    And unfounded accusations and without consistency against Iran is not the way to peace and, likewise, will not succeed for the cessation of hostilities. The IAEA is a United Nations bodies, should also have their share of responsibility, and should always be at the service of preserving peace in the world.
    However, when it comes to Israel, who seems unwilling to engage in peace, and has no morals, because Israel has nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and, moreover, this state does not meet even the resolutions of the United Nations, much less consider the International Community and the free world. And when it comes to Israel are not made sanctions or restrictive measures; settlements that Israel is illegal and provocative measures in Palestinian territory, contrary to the International Community.

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