The Deportation of Civilians to the Guantanamo Concentration Camp

The Deportation of Civilians to the Guantanamo Concentration Camp

by Leuren Moret

In November 2001, during the Holy Month of Ramadan, a contingent of ten missionary members from Pakistan made a Tableegh Dora, routine preaching visit to the Northern Afghanistan Province of Kunduz. Among them was Mr. Sagheer, 54, a religious man from Phattan, a town in Pakistan near the border of Afghanistan, who had traveled as a preacher on other Tableegh (preaching missions). During this visit he was swept up and arrested with thousands of others by Uzbek warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum, the area Northern Alliance commander, “on the instructions and orders of the US Government/Army…in a hunt against Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and [Taliban leader] Mullah Umer”.(1)

Mr. Sagheer was transported from Kunduz by truck with other prisoners in containers where many died, some who were injured were buried alive, others held in jails in Afghanistan, and finally he was transported by the US military to Guantanamo Bay.(2) There he was held like other prisoners in small cages, subjected to torture, humiliation, violation of religious prohibitions, denied legal rights, beaten and interrogated at Camp Delta.

After ten months, he was told by a senior US military officer at Camp Delta that he was found to be innocent and would be released. He was transported from Guantanamo back to Pakistan on a US military plane and released with a compensation of $100 from the US Government for his ordeal of nearly one year.

Mr. Sagheer, was arrested by the Northern Alliance. More than 30,000 detainees were also swept up in an indiscriminate arrest of civilians, but many died in Kunduz due to ground fire or bombardment by the US Air Force.

Mr. Sagheer witnessed wounded and injured men buried alive with the dead. He was in a group of 250 who were blindfolded, handcuffed, chained and put into trucks and taken to Mazar-e-Sharif by the Dostum Forces. At Mazar-e-Sharif they were held as prisoners and guarded for nearly six weeks by fifteen to twenty armed US military, assisted by local Northern Alliance commanders.

Later at Mazar-e-Sharif, they were crowded into airtight con-tainers by US Forces and local soldiers for transport to the Shabargan Jail 75 miles west of Mazar-e-Sharif. Sagheer was one of about 250 crowded into one airtight container, which had a capacity of 50-60 people. Mr. Sagheer said that more than 50 died in the container from suffocation, lack of food, water and medical aid. In other containers, people died or were wounded when soldiers were ordered by US commanders to shoot holes for air into con-tainers full of prisoners.(3)

Thousands more died in containers and were dumped in the desert by Afghan drivers hired by the US military forces.(4) In this regard, Massacre in Mazar, a disturbing documentary film by Irish director Jamie Doran, documents the torture and mass killings of POWs and civilians in Mazar-e-Sharif by US forces.(5)

At Shabargan Jail in Kandahar where they were detained two weeks, there were more than 3000 prisoners including Mr. Sagheer, accused of being Taliban. The FBI, with the US military, partici-pated in the torture of prisoners there. Prisoners were thrashed, deprived of water, made to lie down on the dirt at midnight and not allowed to sleep.

Inside Guantanamo: Concentration Camp

At Guantanamo, Mohammed Sagheer was identified with an ID bracelet labeled “Delta” for Guantanamo which he still retains. The prisoners were put like animals in chain-link cages with roofs on cement pads out in the open-6ft. X 6 ft. X 7 ft.-where they were fully chained and locked inside the cages. They were subjected to physical and mental torture, starved, forced to drink urine, and not allowed to speak.

Prisoners were detained on “suspicion of terrorism” without charges and provided with no legal mechanism for appeal, condemning them to long-term imprisonment.(6)


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Leuren Moret is an independent scientist who works on radiation and public health issues. After leaving the Livermore nuclear weapons laboratory, she has dedicated her life to revealing and understanding the health effects of radiation exposure resulting from US led military operations.

The complete text of Leuren Moret’s article entitled “Inside Guantanamo Concentration Camp: Former Detainee Sues Bush Administration”, was published by the Centre for Research on Globalization at http://www.globalresearch.ca, 6 January 2004. The above excerpt was reprinted with the permission of Leuren Moret. © Leure Moret, All Rights Reserved, 2004.


1 Response to “The Deportation of Civilians to the Guantanamo Concentration Camp”

  1. August 12, 2008 at 10:06 am

    Leuren Moret will do anything to keep her name in the blogs. The real Leuren Moret is a fraud – she has dedicated her life to travelling the world at other people’s expense. She is a performer, constantly changing her repetoire. She left Lawrence Livermore probably because she was either bored or fired during the first year’s probation. Lawrence Livermore will only say that this “eminent scientist” was actually not a scientist at all – that takes some actual scientific learning and experience, neither of which Moret actually has. Moret was a Senior Scientific Technologist in the Center for Applied Scientific Computing. Moret did not blow the whistle. Whistleblower appeal files at the Department of Labor are open records on the net and Moret never filed an appeal. Moret was a geology graduate student at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; she dropped out of the graduate program at UC Davis and the University would not provide any other information. Unfortunately, even liars who totally distort who they are are guaranteed “privacy”. Moret also appears to be a closet Neo Nazi – she probably just decided to become a “Palestinian” while studying the Middle East for her UC Berkeley Masters. She has a strong connection with Dave Von Kleist and he clearly is a Neo Nazi in this blog’s proud recitation of a Neo Nazi conference –
    http://www.chairmanofnordwave.blogspot.com .

    To learn more about Moret, view the letter I got from Livermore, read about her only known published scientific paper (she was accorded co-authorship by Jonathan Stebbins, now Chair, Stanford Geology Department), read about her theatrical stunt in Hawaii or about the lies she has sent to Congress, go to the Yahoo Group DUStory and follow the instructions to use the guest user name and password to view the Files Section.


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