Corruption, Global Security, and World Order

Corruption, Global Security, and World Order

World Peace Foundation and American Academy of Arts & Sciences, 2009


  1. How Corruption Compromises World Peace and Stability – Robert I. Rotberg
  2. Defining Corruption: Implications for Action – Laura S. Underkuffler
  3. Defining and Measuring Corruption: Where Have We Come From, Where Are We Now, and What Matters for the Future? – Nathaniel Heller
  4. Corruption in the Wake of Domestic National Conflict – Susan Rose-Ackerman
  5. Kleptocratic Interdependence: Trafficking, Corruption, and the Marriage of Politics and Illicit Profits – Kelly M. Greenhill
  6. Corruption and Nuclear Proliferation – Matthew Bunn
  7. To Bribe or to Bomb: Do Corruption and Terrorism Go Together? – Jessica C. Teets and Erica Chenoweth
  8. Corruption, the Criminalized State, and Post-Soviet Transitions – Robert Legvold
  9. Combating Corruption in Traditional Societies: Papua New Guinea – Sarah Dix and Emmanuel Pok
  10. The Travails of Nigeria’s Anti-Corruption Crusade – Rotimi T. Suberu
  11. The Paradoxes of Popular Participation in Corruption in Nigeria – Daniel Jordan Smith
  12. Corruption and Human Rights: Exploring the Connection – Lucy Koechlin and Magdalena Sepúlveda Carmona
  13. Leadership Alters Corrupt Behavior – Robert I. Rotberg
  14. The Role of the Multi-National Corporation in the Long War against Corruption – Ben W. Heineman, Jr.
  15. The Organization of Anti-Corruption: Getting Incentives Right – Johann Graf Lambsdorff
  16. A Coalition to Combat Corruption: TI, EITI, and Civil Society – Peter Eigen
  17. Reducing Corruption in the Health and Education Sectors – Charles C. Griffin
  18. Good Governance, Anti-Corruption, and Economic Development – Jomo Kwame Sundaram

Republished by Kajian Internasional Strategis


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