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Power Shift: China and Asia’s New Dynamics: Introduction

The Rise of China and Asia’s New Dynamics

By David Shambaugh

Asia is changing, and China is a principal cause. The structure of power and parameters of interactions that have characterized international relations in the Asian region over the last half century are being fundamentally affected by, among other factors, China’s growing economic and military power, rising political influence, distinctive diplomatic voice, and increasing involvement in regional multilateral institutions. This volume offers an in-depth and careful assessment of China’s new behavior and linkages with the region. The study further examines the impact that China’s rise, in all of its dimensions, is having on the international relations of Asia, and the implications for the United States.
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Power Shift: China and Asia’s New Dynamics

Edited by David Shambaugh
University Of California Press Berkeley, 2005

Power Shift: China and Asia’s New Dynamics


Introduction: The Rise of China and Asia’s New Dynamics (David Shambaugh)

Part One: China and The Changing Asian Landscape
1. Return to the Middle Kingdom? China and Asia in the Early Twenty-First Century (David Shambaugh)
2. China’s Regional Strategy (Zhang Yunling and Tang Shiping)

Part Two: The Economic Dimension
3. China’s Regional Trade and Investment Profile (Hideo Ohashi)
4. China’s Regional Economies and the Asian Region: Building Interdependent Linkages (Robert F. Ash)

Part Three: Politics and Diplomacy
5. China-Japan Relations: Downward Spiral or a New Equilibrium? (Mike M. Mochizuki)
6. China’s Ascendancy and the Korean Peninsula: From Interest Reevaluation to Strategic Realignment? (Jae Ho Chung)
7. Taiwan Faces China: Attraction and Repulsion (Richard Bush)
8. China and Southeast Asia: The Context of a New Beginning (Wang Gungwu)
9. China’s Influence in Central and South Asia: Is It Increasing? (John W. Garver)
10. China and Russia: Normalizing Their Strategic Partnership (Yu Bin)

Part Four: Security
11. China’s Evolving Regional Security Strategy (Bates Gill)
12. China’s Regional Military Posture Michael (D. Swaine)

Part Five: Implications for the United States
13. China’s Regional Strategy and Why It May Not Be Good for America (Robert Sutter)
14. China’s Rise in Asia Need Not Be at America’s Expense (David M. Lampton)

Part Six: Implications for the Asian Region
15. The Transformation of the Asian Security Order: Assessing China’s Impact (Jonathan D. Pollack)
16. The Evolving Asian Order: The Accommodation of Rising Chinese Power (Michael Yahuda)

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