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China’s Search for a Grand Strategy A Rising Great Power Finds Its Way

By Wang Jisi
Foreign Affairs, March-April 2011, Volume 90

Any country’s grand strategy must answer at least three questions: What are the nation’s core interests? What external forces threaten them? And what can the national leadership do to safeguard them? Whether China has any such strategy today is open to debate. On the one hand, over the last three decades or so, its foreign and defense policies have been remarkably consistent and reasonably well coordinated with the country’s domestic priorities. On the other hand, the Chinese government has yet to disclose any document that comprehensively expounds the country’s strategic goals and the ways to achieve them. For both policy analysts in China and China watchers abroad, China’s grand strategy is a field still to be plowed.
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What Happens Next in China and the United States

Chinamerica The Uneasy Partnership that Will Change the World

The next step in China’s economic growth will come from the ongoing and careful courtship of Taiwan. China absorbed Hong Kong and Macao without any major economic and cultural disruptions. While there was a decline in property values in Hong Kong in the late 1990s when it was absorbed into the People’s Republic of China, property values now are comparable or higher than when it was annexed. The reunification with Taiwan has been a more delicate courtship. It is being done in many small steps, such as permitting direct flights between the two. These flights have stimulated tourism between Taiwan and mainland China.
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China: The Growing Giant

Prosperity and Poverty

Chinamerica The Uneasy Partnership that Will Change the World

Arriving in China through the airports of Beijing or Shanghai, you enter a spacious and ultramodern terminal. The building is clean. There are large open spaces and soaring ceilings. Everything appears efficient and contemporary-no different from terminals in Zurich, Tokyo, or New York City. It’s easy to get through baggage claim and customs fast. Gateways have always been important in Chinese culture as a way of protecting the interior as well as impressing visitors with their splendor, and these portals to modern China initially impress you as well-planned, twenty-first-century hubs.
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United States: The Weakening Giant

Chinamerica The Uneasy Partnership that Will Change the World

Think of the United States as a large and mature oak tree. It is tall and has many branches, representing the political, geographical, and economic diversity of the country.
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Beating America

Chinamerica The Uneasy Partnership that Will Change the World

The devastation of Europe and Japan during World War II gave the United States a unique opportunity to dominate international commerce and, later, to dominate the world political stage as the biggest superpower. Before the war, Britain, France, and Germany were viewed as the world’s superpowers, but that ended in the ashes of ?res and bomb fragments in Dresden, Coventry, and throughout the rest of the Continent. During the decades in which Europe, Russia, and Japan recovered from the war’s devastation, the United States was able to exploit its own unchallenged economic and political power. The result was a new world order.
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Chinamerica The Uneasy Partnership that Will Change the World

China is threatening to usurp the position of the United States as the global leader in wealth. Will the United States remain wealthy and strong, or will the United States be financially weakened by China?
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ChinAmerica: The Uneasy Partnership that Will Change the World
By Handel Jones

Chinamerica The Uneasy Partnership that Will Change the World



Part I: Beating America
1. The Front Lines of the ChinAmerica Wealth Battle
2. How CEOs Replaced Generals

Part II: United States: The Weakening Giant
3. The Declining U.S. Automobile and Steel Industries
4. U.S. Computer industry—a winner to date
5. The Role of Government in U.S. Industry

Part III: China: The Growing Giant
6. What Is China Today?
7. Chinese Culture
8. Chinese Government Policies
9. Chinese Economic Philosophies
10. China’s Future Looks Bright

Part IV: What Happens Next in China and the United States
11. Taiwan and Its Synergy with China
12. A Restructuring Plan for the United States

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